Majuli Theatre Festival 2022: Shilppika Bordoloi on her play A Human Endeavour

The multidisciplinary artiste talks about the latest edition of the theatre festival on the river island in Assam, and gives an insight into the making of her own dance-theatre piece

A glimpse of Shilppika Bordoloi’s play ‘A Human Endeavour’
Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee Xattriya artist Dr Hem Chandra Goswami, from Samaguri Satra, giving finishing touches to a mask. He runs the Sukumar Kala Peeth in Majuli
Members of Guwahati’s BA Theatre group performing the play ‘Charandas Chor’
Amares Teatro’s Andres Fagiolino and Betina Dominguez performing ‘Rio’
A glimpse of ‘U Define’ by Imphal-based choreographer and performing artist Surjit Singh Nongmeikapam
‘The Hidden Corner’, a photographic performance by Anupam Saikia; (image credit: Adib)
‘Elephant in the Room’ by Yuki Ellias, a Dur Se Brothers production
Shilppika Bordoloi
‘A Human Endeavour’ unfolds in the depths of the night



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